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Coming up Quercus mini tour Germany & England in April - click here for more info

Last few days to listen to live recording of 'Set', sax concerto by Gary Carpenter with BBC Phil. 

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Iain uses Rico Select Jazz 2H filed tenor reeds

Iain plays Selmer saxopones


As Leader / Co-Leader

Quercus  2013
Food - Mercurial Balm 2012
Food - Quiet Inlet 2010
Anorak 2007
Food - Molecular Gastronomy 2007
The Little Radio 2004/2013
Food - Last Supper 2004
Food - Veggie 2002
Food - Organic and GM 2001
Pepper Street Interludes 2000
Food - Food 1999
ACME 1996
All Men Amen 1994
Balloon Man 1989


& with....


Django Bates Like Life 2011
Jacob Davidsen Mangfoldighed III 2010
Loose Tubes Dancing on Frith Street 2010
Jacob Davidsen Mangfoldighed II 2008
Billy Jenkins First Aural Art Collection 2006
Jacob Davidsen Mangfoldighed I 2006
Mo Foster Live At Blues W14 2006
Bill Bruford's Earthworks All Heaven Broke Loose 2005
Bill Bruford's Earthworks Stamping Ground 2005
Dave McKean Mirrormask (movie soundtrack) 2005
Dominic Alldis Themes from French cinema 2005
June Tabor At the Wood’s Heart 2005
Westernhagen Nahaufnahme 2005
Django Bates You live and learn 2004
Jazz Outreach Project   Digital Directions 2004
Mo Foster Time To Think 2004
Iva Bittova Plaza 2001 – 2003 2003
Clarke Tracey Stability 2001
Louis Vidal Vermeer - with Mark Feldman 2001
Dave McKean Signal to Noise 2000
Billy Jenkins Scratches of Spain 1999
Ballamy/Ultramarine Music With No Name (MELT2000) 1999
Billy Jenkins True Love 1998
Django Bates Quiet Nights 1998
John Stevens Blue 1998
Michiel Braam Playing the Second Coolbook  1998
Bill Bruford's Earthworks Heavenly Bodies 1997
Malaya Marutha Span the Globe 1997
Django Bates Good Evening, Here is the News 1996
Ian Shaw Taking it to Hart 1996
Mo Foster Crystal Vision 2 1996
Sax Assault BANG 1996
The Hungry Ants Hungry Ants 1996
Django Bates Winter Truce (And Homes Blaze) 1995
Ian Shaw Famous Rainy Day 1995
Linda Sharrock Like A River 1995
John Donaldson Meeting in Brooklyn 1994
Claire Martin Devil May Care 1993
Django Bates Summer Fruits (And Unrest)  1993
Mike Gibbs By The Way 1993
Ian Shaw Ghost Songs 1992
Loose Tubes JazzBühne Berlin '87 Vol.16 1991
Mo Foster Southern Reunion 1991
Ray Russell A Table Near The Band 1990
Bill Bruford's Earthworks Dig? 1989
Billy Jenkins Jazz Cafe Concerts Vol 1 1989
Ray Russell Live at Montreux Jazz Festival  1989
Billy Jenkins Motorway At Night 1988
Loose Tubes Open Letter 1988
Bill Bruford's Earthworks Earthworks 1987
Tom Robinson Midnight at the Fringe 1987
Billy Jenkins Uncommerciality Vol 1 1986
Loose Tubes Delightful Precipice 1986
Billy Jenkins Greenwich 1985
Loose Tubes Loose Tubes 1985
Tom Robinson Hope and Glory 1984