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FOOD Japan Tour
18/09 @ Jazz Art Sengawa
19/09 @ ReKoten Project
20/09 @ Super Deluxe
21/09 @ Jazz Spot Dolphy

23/09 Guildhall Big Band with Iain Ballamy @ The Barbican

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Iain uses Rico Select Jazz 2H filed tenor reeds

Iain plays Selmer saxopones


Lunch in Trondheim

Just arrived at the Trondheim Jazz Summit where I will kick off a talk about jazz education tomorrow afternoon. If it goes ok I might take up after dinner speaking (if anyone asks me to dinner?).

It is still light here in Norway at 11.45pm, so feels like summer is coming. Hold on someone just told me it snowed here two days ago!

Food play with Prakash Sontakke and Petter Vagen on Friday at the Trondheim Jazz Festival. I don't know what they give them for lunch in Trondheim but it seems to do the trick!


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