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Hazards of the road...

I just got two new tyres fitted. Riviting stuff!

And set off to Barnstable on a 100 mile trip to North Devon Jazz Club.

At Glastonbury I became aware of a slight rubbing sound coming from the car. By the time I was on the M5 it felt and sounded like I was flying a helicopter with the whole car shaking!. I pulled over to find a pile of aluminium shavings in the wheel and the threads about three turns from falling off!

Thats the last time I presume the tyre shop has actually done the nuts up tight!

Is this relevant or interesting? - yes, it might save a life or two - if your car turns into a helicopter pull over quick and check the wheels (don't have an Underberg until the AA rescue man arrives).



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That was a close one, good thing you stopped and checked the wheels or else it would have been a disaster, next time be sure to double check tyres at the shop.

June 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAluminium Coils

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