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FOOD Japan Tour
18/09 @ Jazz Art Sengawa
19/09 @ ReKoten Project
20/09 @ Super Deluxe
21/09 @ Jazz Spot Dolphy

23/09 Guildhall Big Band with Iain Ballamy @ The Barbican

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Iain uses Rico Select Jazz 2H filed tenor reeds

Iain plays Selmer saxopones


Become an original listener

Teaching at the Royal Academy of Music in London and at RWCMD in Cardiff has always been an inspiration, especially when working with such bright students.

But I do find many of them need to broaden their horizons and become more original in their choices as a listhener - there is so much great music past and present to draw on, not just from the United States but from Europe, Scandinavia, Brasil and elsewhere the musical world to become a source of inspiration. Look outside the box and find your own gurus to follow as well as the one or two more fashionable players everyone seems to focus on.

I say find your own favourites and listen with a questioning and analytical ear to get closer to the source!

I've added some links to my YouTube page if you need some inspiration to get your ears started. Do leave some comments there, I'd love to know what you think.


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