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15-29 Jan - FOOD USA & Canada tour (Vancouver, Edmonton, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Montreal) details>

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Iain uses Rico Select Jazz 2H filed tenor reeds

Iain plays Selmer saxopones


Tour Tip - yogic Underberg!

Its still hard travelling on planes with a saxophone, especially on budget airlines.

When it gets really close to the moment where you think they will confiscate the horn or charge an extra £300 for its own seat, I find yogic breathing or a small bottle of Underberg really helps!

Still not convinced? Here's what Underberg say...

"Underberg on your travels
Since the invention of the single-portion bottle, Underberg has been an ideal size to take with you, for uncomplicated pleasure while you are on the move."

 There you go...!

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